a tryst with shibori

Recently, I signed up for a ‘Dyeing for Crafters’ workshop at the South San Francisco Recreation Centre. The workshop was more of an open studio where we were provided the tools, materials and instructions for various surface design techniques like silk painting, indigo or natural dyeing, felting, shibori etc. We could,

a. follow the scheduled project for the class / or

b. take on projects of our interest / or

c. do both!

Painting on silk, in progress, at the shibori class in South San Francisco The classes are taught by the seasoned surface design artist, Joy-Lily whose work been exhibited across the United States and internationally at Germany and China. Most of my co-participants were long time Joy-Lily students and I admit I was a little intimidated when I saw some of their work on Day 1. However, the lovely ladies were so friendly and encouraging that I was at ease instantly. << I kept telling myself, “This isn’t a competition.” But more on my Type-A behavior and associated problems later… >>

Indigo Vat Bucket at the shibori class in South San Francisco Recreation CentreI don’t have prior textile or dyeing knowledge and I knew I’d be making mistakes. So, I chose less expensive fabrics like light/medium weight cottons, silk habotai and some old tees to experiment with. I decided to stick to indigo and worked on shibori techniques like Itajame, Arashi, Kumo, Komasu.

The silk habotai was definitely easier to manipulate and the indigo resulted in some beautiful shiny blues. I understand now, why silk seems to be the fabric of choice for a lot of dyers!

Silk and cotton scarves, indigo dyed and hand made at South San Franciscoxoa


5 responses to “a tryst with shibori

  1. Anu, it was a pleasure to have you and your youth in our class. Your pieces are beautiful! Will follow your future work on this blog. Especiallly Indigo! Maybe we will see you again, one day…….


    • The feeling is mutual Jan! You ladies work up fabulous pieces and you know it 🙂 ! I’m glad to have met you all and I learnt so much. Yes, I’ll drop by class one day when I feel like trying some of the other dyes. I’m super happy you connected! xoa


  2. Hi Anu. It was fun to read your blog and see where your interest in indigo has taken you! I enjoyed meeting you in class.


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