a flare for ne-maki

Ne-maki was one of the very first Shibori techniques I’d tried at the Dyeing for Crafters workshop. Ne-maki involves binding small objects (like pebbles, buttons, dice etc.) onto the fabric using thread or rubber bands. The thread resists the dye, resulting in a beautiful ring formation around the bound object.

My first attempt was on an old tee that had some stains I wanted to mask.



In the bandanna, I was going for a nice big circle.



I was quite happy with the results, though I couldn’t help but notice the unplanned, prominent white flares stemming from the rings. I figured that the indigo hadn’t penetrated these areas properly, resulting in these white trails. Though I liked the ‘flares’, I wanted to see if I could minimize it in my next bandhani inspired Ne-maki piece.


In order to achieve an even dye penetration, I was advised to move and manipulate the fabric inside the vat. In the next class, I used up more than my fair share of vat-time to work the fabric… especially around the scrunched up areas. I also ensured that these areas were exposed to the air adequately between dips.

As you can see, it makes a LOT of difference!



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