#tbt :: a morning in el rastro

When I was in Spain earlier this year, I made sure I popped over to the famous El Rastro flea market. Said to have over 3000 stalls, it offers a mix of locally made goods, vintage items/antiques, books, clothes, toys etc.

Vintage bottles Vintage looking compasses at El Rastro Tees at El Rastro Bags upcylced from discs Guages at Rastro

There were lots of hand-made jewelry and accessory stalls but I really liked this one, which had Gaudi inspired porcelain pendants and earnings (yep, I’m mighty partial to indigo!). Plus I missed picking these up at the Casa Battlo.


This stall offered vintage inspired bull fight/ flamenco posters where you could plug in your name. Some may consider it cheesy, but I thought it was a cool business idea. The owner had these simple alphabet blocks that he used to print the name.

A flamenco poster at El Rastro

Poster customisation underway

The custom flamenco poster souvenir

Rastro attracts a lot of tourists, so everywhere you’re accosted by the same old souvenirs – magnets, ceramics, mugs, tees etc. This was refreshingly different! Needless to say,I picked up a few.

Oh, did I mention the crowds??



The crowd at El Rastro


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