indigo inspiration | aboubakar foufana

There are times when you come across a body of work and it makes your heart skip a beat! I chanced upon Aboubakar Foufana’s breathtaking work on Pinterest and was totally smitten.

Scarves, by Aboubakar Foufana

Home furnishings by Aboubakar Foufana

Foufana wears many hats – he is a calligraphist, a master indigo dyer, a textile designer; and is widely credited for having revived interest in the ancient and traditional Malian mud cloth and indigo dyeing techniques. After years of research, he was able to crack his personal fermentation recipe, something he uses till date. He also TASTES his vats to check the fermentation status 🙂

Indigo is a living blue. I keep them in vats for up to fourteen months and I feed the bacteria a mix of porridge, honey, and crushed date powder.”

Aboubakar Foufana, working his magicIndigo dyed desert tent, made by Aboubakar Foufana

Installation by the beach using hand dyed indigo pieces

With each of his creations priced upward of USD400, all I can do right now is devour these photos and dig deeper into African indigo!! Talking of pictures, I got them from here and here, where you can read more about Foufana!



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