of craft and coupons

A couple of months back, I was in the checkout line at the Michael’s (a craft retailer), when I saw the lady ahead of me whip up a Jo-Ann’s (another craft retailer) coupon. I felt sorry for her, thinking she’s got her coupons mixed up. But to my astonishment, the cashier actually honored her coupon. I’d heard of competitor price match before, but matching coupons? Honestly, WTH??

Discount coupon

When I got back home that day, I decided to do a little digging on the subject. And here’s what I realized >

– I was an idiot for having paid the full price so far.

– Most of the bigger craft retailers in the US have discount coupons ALL the time.

– Plus, they accept COMPETITOR coupons.

To be fair, I’ve been in the US for less than a year. Back home in India, the concept of couponing isn’t big. You enter the store, pay the price and walk out. If there’s a promotion/offer running, usually the cashier lets you know even if you haven’t noticed! Obviously, things work a little differently here and I learnt it the hard way after many wasted $$.The coupons really help, especially if you’re buying high priced items. Later, I bought this Fiskar’s rotary set for a full 50% off the original full price.


I found blogger Charlene’s tips on craft store policies extremely helpful on the subject. Check it out, especially if you are planning to buy craft supplies on a regular basis in the US. And note to self – always check for offers and deals before purchasing ANYTHING!

If you know of other ways to shop smartly, please do share.



4 responses to “of craft and coupons

  1. I recently discovered that I can use my resale license to get certain items tax free. I was buying yards of Pellon to make tote bags and when I mentioned it was for my business, the young lady at the checkout told me to bring in my California business license and they’d put me on file.


    • Yes, thanks for sharing that. It’s big tip for those who are in business. I wonder why they don’t have a notice or call-out for these things at the store. It’s almost like they don’t want people to know!!
      On a completely different subject, I’d love to visit your studio sometime. You have such wonderful fabrics.


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