getting started with indigo

To continue my adventures in indigo, I signed up for Glennis Dolce’s (aka Shibori Girl) “Let’s Dye with Indigo” online workshop. What’s great about this class? Not only do you learn from Glennis’s vast experience but you also get to connect with a global community of shibori and indigo enthusiasts via an online forum. My supplies came in by the weekend and I couldn’t wait to get started!!

Glennis provides recipes for 4 different vats; I decided to stick to pre-reduced indigo since it’s relatively easier to make and maintain. The first thing I learnt was that the manufacturer’s recipes (example Jacquard/Dharma ) have a higher concentration of indigo.This is great when you want quick dark colours, but it’s hard to get the lighter shades from these. Glennis suggests working with two or more diluted versions, in order to get a wider range of blues.

Indigo Vat


Indigo Stained Gloves

Over the two days, I attempted several combinations of dips + duration across a range of fabrics. Needless to say, I loved every moment working on it. It was quite fascinating to see that there were differences in colour between fabrics dipped for the exact same duration!! I also figured it would be good to document the fabric swatches. After all, this is my first own vat!! 🙂

Indigo Swatch Card 1

The indigo-fever caught up with my better half too; here’s what he whipped up while I was busy with the swatches….

Indigo dyed scarves - Itajame +Kikko + Nemaki

More to come. Stay tuned.



4 responses to “getting started with indigo

    • The dude is a sketch artist at night, when he is not busy taking work phone calls or poring over excel sheets!! So, I’ve ordered soy wax + tjanting for him to work his magic on fabric. Will have to see how that goes 🙂


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