tattered paper art

Here’s something I put together, up-cycling the indigo stained masking tape from my arashi shibori experiments. I think it has the potential to turn into a wall piece 🙂

ShiboriMasking Tape

Arashi Pole

The idea comes from someone halfway across the world, Kim Winter aka Flextiles. Though I’ve never met Kim, her writing and experiences have been a tremendous source of inspiration in my shibori journey thus far.

You can read more on up-cycling masking tape and making shibori paper in Kim’s post here and here. I do hope to try out more of her interesting paper projects with Shibori. I just need to get my hands on  wider and bigger pipes.

Thanks Kim, for liberally sharing all your experiments and experiences. I’m learning so much from them!



4 responses to “tattered paper art

  1. Hi, I have some fairly useful plastic pipes to give away, they are resting in Potrero HIll in SF right now, but they can be yours, I think they are about 4 inches by 5 ft or so, heavy and lightweight..let me know if you would like them.
    Totally enjoying your blog!

    Jan Buck


    • That would be wonderful Jan! I’m out of town all week till 15th, hitting the trails in Grand Canyon 🙂 I’ll mail you as soon as I’m back in town. And thank you for your kind words of encouragement!!


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