destiny, memories, an old mine and a pair of jeans!

I’m not a huge believer in karma, but I do believe that life has it’s own way of revealing things to you, egging you to take certain actions that you may have not thought of before. Sometimes, in an instance almost like an epiphany, you remember bits and pieces from the past and suddenly it all comes together! I understand this may sound extremely vague so I’m gonna do my best to illustrate.

The Instance –

Earlier this month, before I left for my trip to Grand Canyon, I was clearing my wardrobe. I found a forgotten LVC 701 that I’d bought a long time ago. It was quite by chance that it turned up when it did.

Some trivia : 701s or Lady Levi’s were the first denims made specifically for women! It was the year 1934 and in case you’re wondering if women wore denims until then, the answer is yes! However, they used to alter and wear 501 jeans that were made for men. Here’s an insightful post on the history of women’s jeans written by Lynn Downey,former historian for the Levi’s brand.

Bits and pieces from the past –

Bit 1 –

In 2012, I’d seen this video of  ‘travelling denim‘,  a short documentary film by Takayuki Akachi featuring a girl wearing denim and travelling over 50 countries in just two years. The documentary captures the beautiful transformation of a deep-rinse, raw denim in to a torn, worn-out jean. Takayuki says “the denim walks freely in the world, meets people, changes and fades”.

Piece 1 –

After attending this talk and workshop on boro, the concept of leaving ‘memories’ on cloth had a deep impact on me.

Piece 2 –

While looking for a place to stay en route to Grand Canyon, I’d come across the small town of Barstow on the famous Route 66. Located on the border of the town is the Calico Ghost and Mining Town from where one of the oldest (circa 1890) jeans called ‘the Calico’ was discovered. I had briefly mentioned the jean in an earlier post.

I wondered if I could start creating memories not just for myself but for my 701s? 50 countries in 2 years is perhaps a stretch but 25-30 countries in a lifetime is surely possible! And why not start at the symbolic Calico Mine, which was on the way in any case?

And thus started the journey and memories of my 701 – visiting a dusty old town in Mojave, walking across the Hoover and a 2-billion-year old fossil bed at the Grand Canyon!

Sometime in the future, when it’s tired and worn-in, I hope to pass it on to someone who will value and cherish it. Perhaps even give it a new lease of life so that it can continue it’s journey further…


<< Disclosure: I’m a former employee of Levi Strauss & Co. However, I have NOT been approached by the company or it’s representatives with regard to this article. All opinions are my own. Photo Credit : Travelling Denim – Design Boom >>


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