Celebrating West Coast Craft

Yesterday I visited West Coast Craft, a fair that epitomizes and celebrates the west coast lifestyle and aesthetic. Held at the historic Fort Mason Centre on the San Francisco waterfront, it attracts a lot of crowd interested in art, craft and shopping! The artists are carefully chosen in order to showcase a diverse range of offerings.

West Coast Craft

Me being me, I was attracted to everything blue! My favorites included 69 ( a quirky “non-gender” clothing line), Mineral Workshop ( Carrie Crawford’s art+textile design), Cotton and Flax (some screen printed lovelies), Joshu+vela (handcrafted bags and wallets started by a former Levi’ser), Liz Robb (sculptural forms and textiles)

There was an interesting looking ‘spin art’ activity corner and as usual, I was curious. For the uninitiated (like myself), spin art is a process of creating art on a small canvas using a spinning wheel. As you add paint to the spinning canvas, the rotation disperses the paint, creating art. At West Coast Craft, the spinning wheel was hooked to a cycle and you activate the rotation of the wheel by back-pedaling the cycle. Our piece ended up smudged and thick because we used too much paint. ‘Less is more’ is a great principle to remember when trying spin art!

The myriad of spin art creations were used to decorate the venue and it made a nice personalised souvenir for the kids to take home. On the whole, it was a morning well spent appreciating exquisite handcrafted goods and interacting with amazing local artists and makers.



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